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Please Note; We already know your factory-coded car colour is in stock as we carry every exact match all paint type touch-up colours and will custom mix your request on-demand using leading global O.E.M vehicles liquid performance refinishing paints & paint repair products…Finding Colours. Also, see Touch-Up Paint


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If you already have your paint code and or color name then try the auto Paint Pilot where you can have the concierge service match the correct repair paint colour products required for the different types of damaged paint on finished Automotive Body Parts, Panels and Trims; this same rule applies for almost all other types of painted vehicles and items such as marine crafts, motorcycle etc, etc.

Q) Where can I buy car paint and find the paint code number, colour name & some auto paint repair products to fix my car’s damaged paint surface? A) Yes, of course, you can buy products here directly from our express checkout at our car touch-up colour shop where we have everything you need to touchup automotive paint successfully and always cost-wise… type your car colour number and colour name into the Search Auto Parts Store Field, it’s best to get already the code using the V.I.N number on your car registration papers.

Be mindful that if you already know your paint code colour number, colour name and material type it is straightforward to get your Touch-up Products by selecting the paint scratch kit you need and filling the vehicle information sheet out after pressing buy. So to be clear, select any package or product, then add the vehicle details including your car paint colour code.


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Essentials Before Purchasing Touch Up Auto Materials: Before getting started, it is the best practice that you will need to have already and know your car paint colour number and repair formula to proceed. Get your Paint Colour Number From Your Dealership using the V.I.N (Vehicle Identification Number) on your registration papers. Alternatively, you may choose to retrieve your colour number from your vehicle using our Colour Number Locations to see where the paint colour number is located on your car or Contact Support.

Also, See What To Order. Also, see Pricing. Also, see Car Touch-Up Materials. Choose from thousands of colours online, Also find Repair Guides, information & more. Also, see Colour Guarantee. Go to Main Menu or go to Start My Order Now! I Have My Color Number.


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We stock nearly every colour from every leading automotive vehicle manufacturer and provide factory perfectly matched colours to an individual in particular car paint types and types of damage. Do it right the first time and save by getting the required paint and repair correct standard leading industry information for free. Also, see Sustainability

Search For O.E.M Factory Exact Colours For Car All Brands, Models & Years Paint Repair Color Charts Value Plus D.I.Y Automotive Touch Up Restoration Products, Materials, Instructions, Help Guides, Tools, Directions & Solutions For All Years Makes, Model Cars, Vans & SUV.

Choose From Proprietary Complete Multi-Function Combination Brush Paint Pens Or Standard Pen Kits, Brushes, Bottles & Brush Cap Bottle Kits, Aerosol Spray Cans & Aerosol Paint Kits, Accessories Accessory Kits & So Much More. Also, Permanently Treat Rust and Touch Up Scratches & Stone and Damaged Paint Surfaces Easily Leaving Your Car Looking New In The Best Possible Valuable Condition.



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Quality and Precision:

Automotive Touchup Paint stands as the premier source for authentic, precisely matched auto repair paint codes, colors, and products, sourced from a renowned global paint company—the Axalta Group of Companies. This distinguished company is responsible for manufacturing the signature car paints used by acclaimed brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Mini, BMW, Peugeot, Toyota, GM Holden, ISUZU, LDV, HAVAL, and other beloved classic brands. Our commitment to excellence extends to the global stage, as the Axalta Group is recognised worldwide for its exceptional quality and expertise in automotive paint manufacturing. The collaboration ensures that our customers receive top-tier, factory-matched colors that align seamlessly with the original finishes of their vehicles. At the heart of our offerings is the assurance of a custom color-matching guarantee. This guarantee underscores our dedication to providing automotive enthusiasts and professionals alike with a reliable solution for achieving flawless color restoration. Trust in the precision of Automotive Touchup Paint and the legacy of the Axalta Group, as we continue to set the standard for quality and authenticity in the world of automotive paint. Explore more about our custom color-matching guarantee and elevate your car repair experience to unparalleled heights. Read more here for the custom color-matching Guarantee.