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We have compiled the latest greatest touch up’s paint repair products along with a dedicated specific set of instructional D.I.Y step by step manuals for all leading types of paints available on today’s vehicles. Find precise accurate user repair instructions below for all paint scratch pens, brush cap bottles, aerosol spray cans, and paint type kits to match all types of car paint scratching damages. Using these advanced user instructional guides to accurately ensure car scratches scrapes, creases, stone chips, blemishes, paint transfer and other damage are prepared and repaired correctly ensuring your vehicle’s and other items maintain their great looks and stay utmost valuable. Also See What To Order. Also See Search Color Information. Also See What Paint Type Do I Have. Also See Find Paint Color Charts. Also See Touch Up Paint Products. Also See Repair Video Library

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All car touch up pen, brush bottle, aerosol & paint kit instructions?


How to remove car scratches using a paint pen?

Qualified Car Scratch Repair Instructions Using Paint Color Pen Kits

Pen Repair Guides

Tradesman Instructions For Pen Car Scratch Repairs


How to remove car scratches using brush cap bottle paint?

Experts Brush Cap Bottle Paint Help Repair Instructions & Directions Manual

Brush Bottle Repair Guides

Tradesman Instructions For Brush Cap Bottle Car Scratch Repairs


How to remove car scratches using aerosol spray can paint?

Qualified Car Scratch Repair Instructions Using Aerosol Spray Can Color Kits

Aerosol Spray User Guide

Tradesman Instructions Using Aerosol For Car Scratch Repairs


Car Paint Types Repair Guides

Car Repair Paint Type Guides

Paint Type Repair Guides

Car Scratch Paint Type Repair Instructions


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Help guides fixing your cars damaged paint correctly and doing a great job

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