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Welcome To Our Value Plus Automotive D.I.Y Car Touch Up Paint & Repair System Network

Whats New? Brush Touch Pens & Kits.

Here at our car touch up paint systems network have every thing you need to touch up your paint & other Paint Scratch Damaged items. Get help from our qualified licensed specialized tradesman paint technicians that can give you the correct D.I.Y advice on how to repair all your damaged cars and other painted items before starting your mission. Also see touch up paint Beginner Guide.

View Site Online Desktop Version. Looking for D.I.Y car touch up paint & repair materials ? Get your paint products fast! I Have My Color Code. NOTE: You must already know your paint name and or code to be able to get the factory O.E.M exact match color of your car (Get My Color Code From My Car Dealer) or You can find this code and name on a identification label located on various parts of the car according to the manufacturer. See Paint Code Location. on your vehicle Search Paint Color Charts for your paint code finding your paint scratch, chip & other damage repair products. Search Desk Top Site. Also See Paint Repair User Guides.  Also see Car Touch Up Materials. Also See What To Order.  Go to Main Menu. Also see Brush Touch Pro the most comprehensive paint scratch repair kit that every car owner should own.

Original All Models Car Paint?

Business Overview

Cartouchuppaint car care warehouse where you can rest assured you and your vehicles are in good hands. With 35 years in the industry we are the leaders in automotive touch up paint & panel repairs. Just look at our product range, we have the largest scratch & chip range in the world. These kits were developed as the years went by because of the ever demanding need of scratch & chip repair needs. Our experience over the life of our repair business is as to why the need was so great to create this touch up paint super store. Fact is that nearly all cars have sustained paint damage as they are normally driven, vandalized or carelessly hit by accident by other people.

Car Touch Up Paint is a Australian based system network group of supply chain companies & repair facility for all leading car makers original repair paints, colors, tools, products, technology & directions. Pen, Bottle, Aerosol & Kits. Choose original paint & repair products for perfect repairs.

Supplier Of Global Car Manufacturers Automotive Paints

How Brush Touch & Penfastic Kits Came To Fruition

As you can understand when you do something for a very long time you become very good at it. Well that is what has happened here at our prestige business cartouchuppaint.com.au. We traded with insurance company’s, dealerships, fleet sales and private organisations and found they all had similar characteristics where they needed paint & panel repairs for resale or simply maintenance, touch up paint and then detailing. We formulated and recreated the touch up pen & bottle repair formulations and put them all in one little box now called the ikit Brush Touch and Penfastic kits. These paint kits make everyone using out paint sets along side of paper and video tutorials the expert when touching up paint.

Supplier Of Global Car Manufacturers Automotive Paints Online

Touch Up Paint Repair Service

Get free quotes from our Touch Up Paint Repair Service for all your touch up paint detailing requirements. We repair stone chips, scratches, swirls marks, paint transfer & blemishes on all your painted vehicles & other painted items. Learn Everything About Our Color Matching Service

D.I.Y Car Touch Up Paint Scratch Kits?

Purpose Built Drive-Through Service

Here at our purpose built repair facility it is designed especially for speedy paint related incidents. Using our specially equipped and manufactured repair system we are able to provide customers with excellent guaranteed repairs while they wait(conditions apply). there is no other drive-through touch up paint repair facility in the world like this kind because we built it from scratch piece by piece fabricating a fully connected system that eliminates 80% of down time then passing the savings forward to you the customer.

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Car Touch Up Paint Information

It is imperative to get expert advice about car paint before you buy. Speak with one of our professional and friendly staff members to ensure you locate and purchase the correct paint color repair product for you.

With an excess of 30 years in dealing with car paints and specifically car detailing, spraying the products and using them, we are able to give you firm advice about what paint scratch products to use. Step by step video’s have been produced for every paint scratch scenario to assist with any questions or handy tips on how to ensure you use each products to the best of their advantage.

Even the most amateur to professional car enthusiast will find that by following the easy to use instructions and informative video’s will ensure your car is restored and a professional result is obtained each time a Touch Up Paint product is utilized. See thousands of paint color chips to help you decide on custom color, pick from pictures in the match my scratch gallery to make selecting a paint scratch kit according to the paint damage you may have.

We stock an O.E.M paint Standox products & the former Dupont now owned by Axalta group of companies. Standox is still recognized as a world supplier of paint to car manufacturers (Mercedes-Benz) . This Premium Automotive Paint provides factory exact matched colors with the products being used world wide.

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Color Match Guarantee

Car Touch Up Paint send original exact match color from a global paint company that manufactures the paint of Mercedes-Benz (Axalta Group of companies - Standox) the company is Globally renowned. The color that was sent to you is an exact match to your vehicles original paint and if in an extraordinary situation that we find that it is not the exact match you are covered by our exact match guarantee and our business will replace the color at our cost or provide a refund. Rest assured that by using the exact match color provided, along with the total of the scratch removal products supplied in the kit will perform the job of removing and/or camouflaging scratches, paint chips and blemishes as shown in our comprehensive video tutorial, it is highly recommended to all users of our touch up paint products that these tutorials be viewed prior to applying any paint products to ensure the outcome is successful. Always test your products in a inconspicuous area before commencing touch up repairs.

For recipients of car touch up paint products.

  • The vehicle may have had previous paint repairs and a non O.E.M paint product was used.
  • Your vehicle has faded paint (this is one of the most common occurrences where paint is not matched exactly, we guarantee to match to the vehicles original paint color, as you would be aware, fading of paint is common where vehicles have had sun exposure, matching to each individual vehicle based on how much fading has occurred as you would understand is virtually impossible) however, the team at cartouchuppaints.com.au has continually offered their services should you bring your vehicle into the shop to have the color matched to the faded paint color as a courtesy to yourself.
  • Poor application of the paint products. (this is once again a common occurrence if the on line video tutorials are not viewed prior to applying the product) .