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D.I.Y Automotive Touch Up Paint AustraliaHow To Touch Up Paint & Repair CorrectlyHow To Choose:

Need Help Choosing The Correct Auto Touch-up Paint Method, Products & Procedure?

Choosing The Correct Auto Paint & Repair Kit:

*Firstly choose a paint scratch removal kit either for metallic paint or non-metallic paint according to your colour number.
*Select a paint scratch repair kit for either metal, plastic or metal & plastic.
Comprehensive or Target Kit:

1) Select a “Target kit”. Your paint on your car is made of many layers. Select one or all of the layers you wish to repair depending on what your paint scratch damage looks like.


2) Select a “Total Paint Maintenance Solution” for example paint repair kit Brush-Touch Pro, kit code ikit-6-btp. Fix all paint layers including stop rust. There are cleaning and polishing agents that allow you to clean, polish and repair all paint layers on plastic and metal panels any time you get a paint scratch. This is one of the best and cost-effective kits to buy. Brush Touch Professional is the recommended paint scratch kit that every car owner should have, it cleans, Removes marks and camouflages paint scratches on most painted surfaces (one paint color is included in this kit). Below are quick links and useful information that will help you get your paint scratch removal products quickly.


Paint Layers On Plastic & Metal Paints Panels:

  • Metallic Paint / Metal Panel – you may choose – *Cleaning Agent. *Cutting Agent. *Stop Rust. *Metal Primer. *Base Coat Color. *Clear Gloss Coat. *Top Coat Polish.
  • Metallic Paint / Plastic Panel – you may choose – *Cleaning Agent. *Cutting Agent. *Plastic Primer. *Base Coat Color. *Top Coat Clear. Top Coat Polish.
  • Satin Pearl Tri-Coat / Metal Panel – you may choose – *Cleaning Agent. *Cutting Agent. *Metal Primer. *Shade1 Base color. *Shade2 Base Color. *Top Coat Clear. *Top Coat Polish.
  • Satin Pearl Tri-Coat / Plastic Panel – you may choose – *Cleaning Agent. *Cutting Agent. *Plastic Primer. *1st stage Base Coat. *2nd stage Base Coat Color. *Top Coat Clear. *Top Coat Polish.
  • Non-Metallic Paint/Metal Panel – you may choose – *Cleaning Agent. *Cutting Agent. *Stop Rust. *Metal Primer. *Paint Color. *Top Coat Polish.
  • Non-Metallic Paint Color Plastic Panel – You may choose – *Cleaning Agent. *Cutting Agent. *Plastic Primer. *Paint Color. *Top Coat Polish.

Finding Car Touch Up Paints, Product & Directions Made Easy?

What Paint Scratch Kit Should I Buy?

Total Paint Maintenance Repair Kit repair Masters collection ikit-6-btp is by far our tradesman best with everything you need to keep your vehicle/s and other painted items in great condition. We recommend this kit as it camouflages paint scratch and other paint defects well and at an affordable cost. This kit comes highly recommended as regardless of having a paint chip or scratch, you can easily pull your brush touch up paint scratch kit out and camouflage it quickly and efficiently.
There is a wide range of auto paint scratch repair kits available to ensure that whatever damage, there is a kit available to suit the needs of every individual repair requirement. All D.I.Y paint repair kits have been personally assembled to suit every type of scratch repair.
Each target paint scratch repair kit repairs particular types of damages, however, one kit, ikit-6-btp is the TOTAL paint maintenance repair kit, enabling the user to fix all scratches, stone chips and paint blemishes, making them quite unnoticeable and very well camouflaged and even in some cases completely hide or remove paint problems and paint defects.
Perhaps you may have two or three cars in a family, the ikit-6-btp brush touch pro paint scratch repair kit will repair all three cars, you need only change each car’s color at a cost of $28.60. Our paint repair scratch and stone chip kits are usable on the most painted surface, washing machines, fridges, hobby toys, anything that is painted. By purchasing additional colours, you now have a complete kit per car to be repaired, saving you hundreds of dollars in purchasing a kit for every car. Another great item that we recommend when purchasing ikit-6-btp paint scratch repair kit is an empty paint pen, similar to a paper correction pen, to be used as a color pen applicator providing precise color application, to the smallest and narrow of scratches.
The paint pens can be also bought empty, pour some of the paint from the paint kit into the paint pen, this way you have both applicators. Click to see or buy the empty paint pen $4.95
Other Useful Information regarding our Paint Scratch Touch Up Products
The paintwork on your vehicle is sprayed in layers when a scratch or stone chip occurs, brush touch kits and products reduce the visual appearance of the impact, in many of instances leaving the damage quite unnoticeable by replacing each layer individually. If you choose a target repair kit we recommend you choose a kit according to what layers are damaged. eg: if you see bare plastic on a metallic painted bumper bar you can assume you’re going to need plastic primer, colour and clear gloss. You may need cleaning agents to clean and/or prep the repair. Once again, the recommended kit to buy is the total car paint maintenance scratch repair kit ikit-6-btp
All paint colours are mixed in Sydney Australia from original factory paints and formulations and ensuring you receive an exact match for your vehicle. Remember, if your color code is not available on the web page, rest assured, we stock every factory color, guaranteed.
In order for you to be able to complete a paint product order you must first choose a paint scratch repair kit by selecting the “buy” button then fill in in the following pages where you will be asked for all vehicle details, inserting your colour code and other information in the available fields and follow the prompts.  Once you have your color code, select a paint scratch kit first then enter the paint code and other information in the following pages.
You can order your touch up paint repair kit online and have it posted to you or alternatively, in the order form there is a button that allows an in-store pick-up option.


All auto colours including instructions are in stock & mixed fresh for you

Touch Up Paint recommendation on what I should buy to build the best repair kit for my needs:


1) Choose a Cleaning Agent
* Solvent
* Clean up
* Prep – It


2) Choose a Cutting Agent
* Blemish Remover
* Quick Cut Polish


3) Choose a rust treatment
* Rusted


4) Choose a primer or both
* Plastic
* Metal


5) Choose your paint
* Color


6) Choose your wax
* Top Coat Polish

Notes: Prior to choosing a paint repair product It is imperative that you obtain your colour paint code and/or know the colour name, whether the colour of your car is metallic, non-metallic, tinted clear or tri-coat colour.

Where To Find: To obtain this important information simply call your nearest new car parts dealership and they will provide the details if you supply the “Vehicle Identification Number” which is on your car registration papers. Alternatively, you could look in your car handbook or for the paint code identification label.

Now that you have the O.E.M paint code select any paint scratch product and press the buy button and in the following pages insert all your vehicle details including the paint code.

Free with selected kits: kits with three bottles and/or more come standard with items like, clean up kit 15 ml, either work cloth and or polish cloth, large brush, gloves, accessories, user manual and a tool caddie. It is the actual cleaning agents, cutting agents, rust treatment, primers and colour product is what you need to decide on. We recommend one of each above products to make a total paint scratch removal and maintenance set.

Reminder, for fuss-free, total security on choosing the best kit available, ikit-6-btp is the most recommended kit due to its comprehensive items available, taking the guesswork out of deciding which products need to be purchased.


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Color Match Guarantee
Automotive Touchup Paint sends original perfectly matched colour from a global paint company that manufactures the paints of Mercedes-Benz and other classic popular brands. (Axalta Group Of Companies - Standox) the company is Globally renowned. The colour that is sent to you is an exact match to your vehicle original paint and if in an extraordinary situation that we find that it is not the exact match you are covered by our exact match guarantee and our business will replace the colour at our cost or provide a refund. Rest assured that by using the exact match genuine auto color provided, along with the complete scratch removal products supplied in the kit will perform the job of removing and/or camouflaging all scratches, paint chips and blemishes as shown in our comprehensive video tutorial, it is highly recommended to all users of our car touch up products that these How To paint & repair video and text Master tutorials be viewed prior to applying any paint products to ensure the outcome is successful. Always test your products in an inconspicuous area before commencing touch up repairs. For recipients of our Automotive touch-up paint products.
  • The vehicle may have had previous paint repairs and an aftermarket paint colour product was used.
  • Your vehicle has faded paint (this is one of the most common occurrences where the paint is not matched exactly, we guarantee to match to the vehicles original paint colour, as you would be aware, fading of paint is common where vehicles have had sun exposure, matching to each individual vehicle based on how much fading has occurred as you would understand is virtually impossible) however, the team at has continually offered their services should you bring your vehicle into the shop to have the colour-matched to the faded paint colour as a courtesy to yourself.
  • Poor application of the paint products. (this is once again a common occurrence if our online video tutorials are not viewed prior to applying the product) .