5 Easy to order, quick to process and easy to apply Thanks Mike, made a hard job really easy!!!!

5 This was and amazing service definitely gonna recommend this to others and the scratch kit good work.

5 Excellent best diy products for scratches on the market.

5 Great service, mixed the paint and advised me on the process.

5 I purchased the complete pen kit to touch up the scratches on my car. I received expert advice from Touch Up Paints technicians to make sure I purchased the right items to completely fix my scratches. The color was perfectly matched and the team at Touch up Paint were so helpful. Recommending this team to all of my friends and family.

5 This is the only place I would come to buy touch up paint, no where else. Michael is extremely helpful with the paint colour and he will not let you leave until everything is 100% right.

5 Thank God I found this place by accident on google search. I went to their store and they checked my car and came up with the right coded colour for it. They then prepared me a kit to take home and went through what I needed to know. Very friendly guys, excellent customer service and they also impressed me quickly with their knowledge about their own products but also my car. Worth a visit, I would highly recommend them and will visit again if ever I need their products.

5 Got expert advice from here! The store owner Marco is awesome and friendly! Luckily I found this place and brought my car in, Marco gives me the best solution for me car scratch and lots of knowledge! Will definitely recommend this place if you scratch your car accidently.

5 Michael was an excellent help today and it was a massive relief when I found this store! I recommend everyone going to this place is you ever find yourself in trouble over a scratch on your car. I was really scared about how to apply the paint kit but as soon as I walked into the shop I was confident that I had made the right decision! Thank you so much for being so helpful and assisting me.

5 The shop staff gave us a good recommendation and the scratch was removed properly. Thanks touch paints.

5 Excellent product. It's so so simple, why wouldn't you use it!

5 It was good experience for our car repair. The color matches the original and it hide the damage scratches very well. Thanks for the help from touch up paints.

5 I bought the touch up paint for the key scratch removals and it works really well,can't see any marks. Thank you for Toyota stuff recommended.

5 Couldn't find the 2009 Toyota Corolla touch up paint on our local auto parts store, but here we find it. And it comes with a D.I.Y pack, great for the beginner!

5 The staff were very friendly and extremely knowledgeable about the products and the solutions for the issues I had. I would recommend them highly for their experience and expertise.

5 Very happy with my customer experience with touch up paints. This is my second time shopping here and I have no hesitation in recommending touch up paints to friends and family.

5 Very helpful, responsive and knowledgeable. Miles ahead of the competition and they know more than my dealer. Great work guys.

5 I'm so rapt with the service! Michael from Touch Up Paints was so helpful. He did everything, from finding exact colour code of my Ford to actually going over car with me to show me exactly what to do and how to do it. I'm selling my car so his advice on which scratches need clear coat and what needs the colour paint kit helped me out enormously. The colour matched exactly when I touched up the marks. Highly recommend Michael from Touch Up Paints!

5 Very professional, genuine advise. Michael Inspected the car, analysed the damage and recommended a kit that can enhance the car. Genuinely advised the pitfalls of not getting the job right. Very friendly, professional and took care of their customer with care.

5 Provided great advice for a touch up on our grey Mercedes which we scratched under the front bumper, we though just spray it, but a proper brush is so much easier and more efficient. Was also the only place we could find with the correct factory colour outside the O.E.M

5 Very friendly customer service and good explanation of the product from Michael. Cant wait to try the method at home. Will recommended for people that have small scratch here and there.

5 Fantastic service and paint quality. Michael went the extra mile searching my paint code and matching it to the car to ensure I had the right colour. Would thoroughly recommend.