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Custom Color Matching & Touch Up Paint Services For All Years, Makes & Model Cars

Standard Color matching:

Here at car touch up paint have the required expert qualified professional trade expertise to exact match any color required to manufacturers original paint codes including Non-Metallic, Metallic, Tri-Coat, tinted Tri-Caot Clear formulas to special effect Xirallic Paint. We mix the required color exactly to the manufacturers formula using the manufacturers paint products. Quantity amounts of this factory color can be ordered at our store. Get Pens, Bottles Aerosols, Premixed pots of matched color that is ready for use and thinned to the correct viscosity making your application easier when applied. Get Started here

Standard Color Matching Costs:

There are no additional color matching cost when we mix from the manufacturers paint formulas. We use the makers formulas and a precision scale that measures to the hundredth of a decimal giving you exact color match. This type of paint preparation does not have penalty rates.

Custom Color Matching Service:

We can custom mix & match any colour for you, whether its a car, bike, boat, fridge, trailer, bus, or house hold furniture & goods the list is endless. We can put this paint after mixing into pens, bottles, aerosol and cans.

Color Matching Paint Chip Books:

Save time & money when we match paint using our color chip books. it is simple and cost effective to find a color that is almost exact and then tinting slightly to get an exact match. This is a preferred method we use when color matching service because of the minimum time used by our qualified tradesman.

Custom Color Matching Cost:

There are associated costs when custom color matching as you can appreciate it takes additional resources and material. The costs to match for you is a small amount starting from a basic fee of $15.00(Conditions apply).

What Costs To Expect:

Expect Basic colours are usually cheaper to match as you can understand they are limited by the manufacturer as far as paint build and material costs. With metallic paints, pearls and tri-coat xirallic colours in particular the cost goes up because of the complexity of the formulas and you need to be aware the more complex the more it costs not only for the matching but for the paints as more layers are required in the factory finishes.

Using Color Matched Paint:

When using color matched paint it is the same processes as the industry standard procedure. When spraying Non-metallic product it is best practice to spray in full panels to avoid long term broken down paint blends. Using metallic pearl paints & tri coat it is recommended by the manufacturers to to blend the color paint to get an exact match. This is required because of the metallic and pearl product make up. You can mix an exact matched paint to a factory formula and if it is not blended it will appear slightly different. There are many contributing factors including the way aluminium rests &  the application type used on the panel and or the way the metallic pearl effects with the light. If you want an exact match you will need to blend the paint.

Variations Color Matching Pens & Bottles & Kits:

There are variations when using a touch up paint pen or bottle for the simple reasons listed above in using colour matched paint. Usually it would be just a little more noticeable when using these types of applicators especially because of the pooling effect that is applied into scratches and paint chips opposed to traditional spraying of the products.

Making Color Matching More Accurate

Our newly released Color Inspector provides fast and accurate color matching at the touch of a button. When choosing the right color for repairing paint damage, the ambient light plays a crucial role. Usually the workshop lighting is not sufficient on its own for reliable color identification. The Color Inspector not only mimics bright natural daylight but also, thanks to a second integrated light source, it can recreate a lower level light by the simple push of a button. The intensity of the energy-saving LEDs can be set to three different levels, adapting to different color shades exceptionally well. As a result the Axalta Color Inspector, can be used for almost anything, from color comparison with color swatches and sample panels to damage assessment. Once taken off its stand, the powerful battery ensures the cordless lamp can be used for up to four hours without the need to be constantly recharged. Due to the low energy consumption of the LEDs, the battery can handle a long day’s work and can be charged within two-and-a-half hours. Contact your local


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