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Color Match Excellence: Our Paint & Products Guarantee


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Assured Excellence: Automotive Paint, Colour, Tools & Materials Guarantee

At Car Touch Up Paint, we blend technology with expertise to offer unrivalled precision in auto paint match services. Whether it’s a tiny scratch or a noticeable chip, our colour match car paint solutions ensure your vehicle looks impeccably maintained. Explore the pinnacle of precision with our extensive range of factory O.E.M exact match paint for your vehicle. Whether you seek a readily available stock color or require a custom match (conditions apply), our selection encompasses Pens, Bottles, Aerosol Spray Cans, and Kits tailored to your needs. Car Touch Up Paints takes pride in sourcing original exact match colors from a globally renowned paint company, including Mercedes-Benz, courtesy of the Axalta Group of Companies (Cromax – Standox).

With a commitment to excellence, we provide a seamless paint match for car, guaranteeing satisfaction and a flawless finish. Rest assured, the color dispatched to you perfectly aligns with your vehicle’s original paint. In the rare event that it doesn’t meet this exact match standard, our business extends an exact match guarantee, covering the cost of exchanging the color (excluding shipping, which remains the responsibility of the purchaser within any claim). Ensure to inspect and test the colour before utilising any kit, with only the colour match car paint falling under our guarantee.

Remember to purchase insurance at the time of your initial order to activate the replacement colour guarantee. Utilizing the genuine auto color provided, combined with our comprehensive scratch removal products, ensures effective removal or camouflaging of scratches, paint chips, and blemishes, as demonstrated in our informative video tutorial. We strongly recommend that users view our How-To Paint and Repair video and text master tutorials before application to ensure a successful outcome. Always conduct a product test in an inconspicuous area before commencing touch-up repairs.

For recipients of our Automotive Touch-Up Paint products, potential variations may arise due to previous paint repairs, faded paint, or poor application of paint products. We extend our commitment to customer satisfaction by offering color-matching services for faded paint and encouraging the viewing of our online tutorials to enhance the application process. Your success is our priority.

Discover Unmatched Precision in Auto Paint Match

At Car Touch Up Paint, we understand the importance of an exact matching car paint job. Our vast selection of factory O.E.M exact match paints includes everything from pens to aerosol spray cans, ensuring we have the right product for your specific needs. Sourced from leading global paint companies, including the prestigious Axalta Group (Cromax – Standox), our paints are matched to your vehicle’s original colour, ensuring a seamless blend.

Our Auto Paint Match Guarantee

We stand firmly behind our products and services, offering an exact match guarantee to give you peace of mind. In the rare instance where the colour does not meet our stringent standards, we commit to exchanging the product, ensuring you receive the perfect match for your vehicle. Remember, our guarantee covers the auto paint match, with the cost of any exchange covered by us, although shipping remains the responsibility of the purchaser within any claim.

Preparing for Perfection

Before taking on your touch-up journey, we highly recommend viewing our How-To Paint and Repair tutorials. These resources are designed to guide you through the process, ensuring you achieve professional results. Always test the product in a discreet area before starting your touch-up repairs to ensure compatibility and satisfaction with the finish.

Tailored Solutions for Every Need

Whether you’re in need of a stock colour or a custom blend, our range caters to every requirement. From colour match car paint kits for comprehensive repairs to individual products for minor touch-ups, we have you covered. Visit our Car Paint Kits section to explore the options available for your vehicle.

Enhance Your Vehicle’s Finish

For those seeking a unique finish, such as a matte black satin look, we provide specialised solutions tailored to your preferences. Explore our range at Matte Black Satin to discover how you can transform your vehicle’s appearance with a touch of sophistication.

Expert Advice and Support

Our team is here to support you every step of the way. From selecting the right car touch up materials to providing tips on achieving the best results, we’re committed to ensuring your touch-up experience is smooth and successful. Browse our selection of materials at Car Touch Up Materials to find everything you need for your project.

Your Satisfaction, Our Priority

We understand that your vehicle’s appearance is paramount, and our touch up paint service is designed to meet your highest expectations. With our expertise and commitment to quality, we ensure your car’s finish is restored to its original glory. For comprehensive touch-up solutions, visit our Touch Up Paint Service page to learn more.

Time to Restore Your Most Prized Possession

Ready to restore your car’s paint to its original, flawless condition? With Car Touch Up Paint, achieving a perfect match has never been easier with our matching car paint. Our expertly formulated products, combined with our step-by-step guides, ensure you can confidently tackle any touch-up job with outstanding results.

Don’t let scratches and chips detract from your vehicle’s beauty. Visit Car Touch Up Paint today to find your perfect paint match for car and get that flawless finish. Our friendly team is here to assist you, ensuring your car looks as stunning as the day you first drove it. Get in touch now and let us help you achieve the perfect finish for your vehicle.


Color Match Guarantee

Quality and Precision:

Automotive Touchup Paint stands as the premier source for authentic, precisely matched auto repair paint codes, waterborne colours, and products, sourced from a renowned global paint company—the Axalta Group of Companies. This distinguished company is responsible for manufacturing the signature car paints used by acclaimed brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Mini, BMW, Peugeot, Toyota, GM Holden, ISUZU, LDV, HAVAL, and other beloved classic brands. Our commitment to excellence extends to the global stage, as the Axalta Group is recognised worldwide for its exceptional quality and expertise in automotive paint manufacturing. The collaboration ensures that our customers receive top-tier, factory-matched colors that align seamlessly with the original finishes of their vehicles. At the heart of our offerings is the assurance of a custom color-matching guarantee. This guarantee underscores our dedication to providing automotive enthusiasts and professionals alike with a reliable solution for achieving flawless color restoration. Trust in the precision of Automotive Touchup Paint and the legacy of the Axalta Group, as we continue to set the standard for quality and authenticity in the world of automotive paint. Explore more about our custom color-matching guarantee and elevate your car repair experience to unparalleled heights. Read more here for the custom color-matching Guarantee.