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Mazda Touch Up Paint & Repair Code 41V Tinted Clear Soul Red

Mazda All Models Soul Red 41V Touch Up Paint Pen, Bottle Aerosol & Kit?

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Mazda All Models Soul Red 41V Touch Up Paint Pen, Bottle & Aerosol?

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Mazda Soul Red 41V Touch Up Paint Repair Pen, Bottle Aerosol & Kit?

41v Soul Red Touch Up Paint

About Madza Soul Red: This type of paint is manufactured differently from the standard metallic paint. traditionally the (cob) clear over base is used on many model cars where by a metallic paint is first applied following a clear gloss. 

Mazda Soul Red 41V Touch Up Paint Materials?

The Tinted Clear Soul Red: Mazda has now taken the standard clear over base system and modified the formula to give the color a toffee candy apple type look. Now to be able to give such a deep lush look they have tinted the clear, which means in the formula color tint is added to the already factory clear gloss. Note: The exact match color cannot be achieved Using the tinted color base shade1 color Or the shade2 color on there own. The both shade colors need to be applied one over the other for target scratch & chip paint repairs to ascertain the exact match color. Get Your Mazda Sould Red Color here Now.

Get Mazda Soul Red 41V Tinted Clear Special Paint Color ?



Color Match Guarantee

Car Touch Up Paint send original exact match color from a global paint company that manufactures the paint of Mercedes-Benz (Axalta Group of companies - Standox) the company is Globally renowned. The color that was sent to you is an exact match to your vehicles original paint and if in an extraordinary situation that we find that it is not the exact match you are covered by our exact match guarantee and our business will replace the color at our cost or provide a refund. Rest assured that by using the exact match color provided, along with the total of the scratch removal products supplied in the kit will perform the job of removing and/or camouflaging scratches, paint chips and blemishes as shown in our comprehensive video tutorial, it is highly recommended to all users of our touch up paint products that these tutorials be viewed prior to applying any paint products to ensure the outcome is successful. Always test your products in a inconspicuous area before commencing touch up repairs.

For recipients of car touch up paint products.

  • The vehicle may have had previous paint repairs and a non O.E.M paint product was used.
  • Your vehicle has faded paint (this is one of the most common occurrences where paint is not matched exactly, we guarantee to match to the vehicles original paint color, as you would be aware, fading of paint is common where vehicles have had sun exposure, matching to each individual vehicle based on how much fading has occurred as you would understand is virtually impossible) however, the team at cartouchuppaints.com.au has continually offered their services should you bring your vehicle into the shop to have the color matched to the faded paint color as a courtesy to yourself.
  • Poor application of the paint products. (this is once again a common occurrence if the on line video tutorials are not viewed prior to applying the product) .