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Choose this popular easy to use step by step user guide included in this popular Brush Touch paint scratch removal product for all years, makes & model cars. This paint repair set is the latest and most efficient innovated car paint scratch kit on today’s market that will work for you correctly removing all types of light scratches and camouflaging heavier scratches on cars and other painted items. Predominantly this car scratch repair kit is recommended for use on cars and car parts that are painted using a factory metallic and non metallic 2k cob (Clear Over Base) paint finish where on impact paint layers have been damaged and/or completely removed (Kits With Primers Are Recommended If either Bare Plastic Or Bare Metal Is Visible). This popular paint scratch repair kit includes everything possibly needed including perfectly matched actual factory color products that targets paint transfer with underlying small light paint scratches to heavy paint scratches on painted surfaces. The popular scratch repair kit is designed to give the end user the best possible results at the most economical price. This popular Brush Touch solution is manufactured by qualified field paints & repairs experts along with leading global vehicle manufactures factory original paint color products, certified materials, supplies and procedures.

There are two ways only really to touch up vehicles paint scratching. 1) badly or 2) correctly. It is simple, car paints in particularly are made of many different types of paint layers and to get excellent or perfect paint damage repair results we recommend one should reapply the layers in the same manner as the factory when repairing scratches, scraping, stone chips and other types of paint damages. Repairers choosing to replicate a multi layered damaged paint using only a single paint repair product may dramatically increase the chance of the finished touchup’s ending up looking totally worse than the original paint damage.

This Popular D.I.Y Car Brush Touch Scratch Repair Kit Systems when applied will leave your vehicle looking fabulous and increase the value of the vehicle while saving you money after applying renowned affirmed global procedures & products in just a few simple easy to use step by step guide. Removing unsightly car marks and paint scratches from your car body and bumper bar parts has never been so easy and efficient. The simplified repair guide included along with the video workshop manual online will help you achieve incredible results in a very short time.

Master 4 Bottle Car Paint Scratch Pro Repair Kit


Value Plus 4 Bottle Touch Up Paint Repair Kit For Cars


1) Remove & clean impact residue/Paint Transfer from painted surfaces.

2) Remove light Scratching & stubborn marks in the clear on metallic paint.

3) Restore color that has been removed using original factory O.E.M exact match paint.

4) Restore, shine & seal paint color using factory gloss clear to get long lasting permanent repairs.

Remove Paint Scratches In Just A few Easy Steps Using A 4 Bottle Kit

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Best Value Plus 4 Bottle Car Paint Scratch Repair Kit

Disclaimer – The Comprehensive Brush Touch Pro Master video shown on this page is a touch up paint complete repair solution. This 4 Bottle Brush Touch Target kit repair steps are also shown in order in the video. The method here is also used in the Brush Pen, Pens & Kits.


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Automotive 4 Paint Scratch Bottle Repair Kit



Color Match Guarantee

Quality and Precision:

Automotive Touchup Paint stands as the premier source for authentic, precisely matched auto repair paint codes, colors, and products, sourced from a renowned global paint company—the Axalta Group of Companies. This distinguished company is responsible for manufacturing the signature car paints used by acclaimed brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Mini, BMW, Peugeot, Toyota, GM Holden, ISUZU, LDV, HAVAL, and other beloved classic brands. Our commitment to excellence extends to the global stage, as the Axalta Group is recognised worldwide for its exceptional quality and expertise in automotive paint manufacturing. The collaboration ensures that our customers receive top-tier, factory-matched colors that align seamlessly with the original finishes of their vehicles. At the heart of our offerings is the assurance of a custom color-matching guarantee. This guarantee underscores our dedication to providing automotive enthusiasts and professionals alike with a reliable solution for achieving flawless color restoration. Trust in the precision of Automotive Touchup Paint and the legacy of the Axalta Group, as we continue to set the standard for quality and authenticity in the world of automotive paint. Explore more about our custom color-matching guarantee and elevate your car repair experience to unparalleled heights. Read more here for the custom color-matching Guarantee.