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Prep-it Wax & Grease Remover For Painting & Repairing Damaged Car Paints


Preparation For Car Paint Refinishing

Prep-it wax & grease remover is a crucial first step in paint repairs and is an absolute must before starting any repair. Failing to apply the cleaning agent will result in failed touch up paint repair refinishes. The sole purpose of the solvent cleaning product is make clean from dust, grease, wax and other impurities that are on a panel to be repaired and/or repainted.

The First Step To Do When Repairing Paint On Your Car

One of the most important steps that D.I.Y home handyman make when touching up paint work is skipping this cleaning step. Expect fish eyes, paint separation, and a disturbed uneven paint finish if you do not use a premium quality grade Prep-it wax & grease remover before starting body repairs.

Wax & Grease Remover Tips & Tricks:

Use two lint free work cloths to apply the cleaning agent. Apply ample solution to one cloth and use a sweeping motion to cover the entire surface to be painted. Now use the second cloth to remove the solvent solution. The panel is now ready for the next for your touch up paint repair. Note: use a tack rag (sticky Cloth) after the wax & grease remover to remove fluff and other dry fibres.



Color Match Guarantee
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