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Factory Clear-Gloss for repairing damaged paint


D.I.Y Car Touch Up Clear Gloss Paint Pen

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Gloss Clear for repairing peeling paint on your car


Clear Gloss is usually used on metallic paint when cars are manufactured. Some manufacturers still apply non-metallic paints this is also known as the (COB) clear over base procedure. When a scratch occurs in metallic paint there are two types of scratch depths, light scratches that are confined to only the clear layer which can be resolved adequately with just rubbing / polishing compounds and clear gloss. The the other type of scratch where the gloss and the lower paint layers are scratched will need a more lengthy process requiring more procedure and products.

If you already have your paint code and or color name then try the auto Paint Pilot where you can have the concierge service matching the correct repair paint colour products required for the different types of damaged paint on finished Automotive Body Parts, Panels and Trims; this same rule applies for almost all other type of painted vehicles and items such as marine crafts, motorcycle etc, etc. Go to Touchup Colours


Clear Gloss Paint Tips & Tricks

The greatest indicator to identify whether the scratch is confined to the clear gloss coat or not is to apply our touch up paint Clean-up solution and as it cleans and gives a wet look to the repair area making apparent if the scratch is indeed in the color or the clear. If the scratching in the paint is in the clear layer as the clean up solution passes the scratch will momentarily disappear and returning as the clean-up solution dries. You should only use the clear to fix the scratch. The parts of the scratch that did not disappear with the  Clean-up will need to be repaired with additional paint repair products. Note: Gloss Clear may be used on non-metallic paint if the damage is confined to the color coat only. 


Clear Gloss Application Methods

Always apply the factory Automotive clear only where damaged, in other words do not put clear gloss on good paint, insert the product only to the effected area applying it to where the clear has been removed.


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Color Match Guarantee
Automotive Touchup Paint supplies original perfectly matched auto repair colour and products from a global paint company that manufactures the car paint of Mercedes-Benz, Mini, BMW, Peugeot, Toyota, GM Holden, ISUZU, LDV, HAVAL, and other classic popular brands. (Axalta Group of Companies) the company is Globally renowned. Read more here for the custom color-matching Guarantee