Mazda Soul Red 41V

Mazda All Models Soul Red 41V Colour Of Touch Up Paint


Mazda All Models Soul Red 41V Touch Up Paint Pen, Bottle Aerosol & Kit?

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Mazda All Models Soul Red 41V Touch Up Paint Pen, Bottle & Aerosol?


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Mazda Soul Red 41V Touch Up Paint Repair Pen, Bottle Aerosol & Kit?

41v Soul Red Touch Up Paint

About Madza Soul Red: This type of paint is manufactured differently from the standard metallic paint. traditionally the (cob) clear over base is used on many model cars where by a metallic paint is first applied following a clear gloss. 

Mazda Soul Red 41V Touch Up Paint Materials?

The Tinted Clear Soul Red: Mazda has now taken the standard clear over base system and modified the formula to give the color a toffee candy apple type look. Now to be able to give such a deep lush look they have tinted the clear, which means in the formula color tint is added to the already factory clear gloss. Note: The exact match color cannot be achieved Using the tinted color base shade1 color Or the shade2 color on there own. The both shade colors need to be applied one over the other for target scratch & chip paint repairs to ascertain the exact match color. Get Your Mazda Sould Red Color here Now.

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