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Postage Terms: Firstly thank you for considering www.Cartouchuppaint.com.au for all your car paint needs and requirements. By using this site, purchasing any materials products & services From Carreco PTY LTD you agree & abide the terms & conditions of sale. D.I.Y Car touch up paint bottle scratch repair kits, car paint pens and other touch up paint products take between 5 and 14 days to produce the factory O.E.M custom packed kits and other products. Orders may further between 1 and 5 days in transit to get to you. If an item is on back order it may take 1 to 7 days to process the order on top of the already required 14 days packaging along with the 1 to 5 days 3rd party handlers shipping terms. When making a purchase you may mark your order as urgent in the comments area of your order form for our technicians to process if not inundated with orders. Note: General Turnaround estimation period is 1 – 7 working days excluding holidays including public holidays..

Shipping Tip of the Day: We only post spray cans or bulky paint products at this time if your organize couriers at your cost. We pack these items ready for shipping only or in store collection (Costs Apply). Find Out More Fastway Couriers about shipping costs.

Cost of Postage: items vary from kit to kit or item to item. The average costs  of shipping goods are usually between $10.00 and $14.00 per unit to ship Australia wide including Tasmania.

Cartouchuppaint Insurance Information. Do I need to insure my kit? The answer is yes it is a wise choice. All items are sent by post and are not track able unless you state you wish for express post which will incur additional costs (conditions apply). It is recommended you insure your touch up paint repair kit as in if anything happens to it you can get a 1 new free replacement kit. The cost to buy a paint repair kit insurance package starts at $4.00 the amount of insurance is applied at the time of your order. This applies to any auto touch up paint kit in the product range.
When a purchase is made and a insurance policy is purchased the policy is limited to 1 of each damaged items as originally purchased (gift accessories excluded) in the kit. When a claim is made evidence of the broken or damaged goods need to be presented to place of purchase. This may be done by way of photo evidence from a mobile and SMS to web site mobile number 0416168746 or emailed directly with order confirmation to Cartouchuchuppaint.
If you have taken out an insurance policy and your kit has not arrived or arrived damaged you must within 7 days from time of shipping from our warehouse you should lodge any such insurance claim within this time frame. The insurance policy will only survive for the 7 days from the described postage terms. You will receive replacements for damaged items (bottles) only, we supply a cleaning agent, work cloth and a replacement tool caddie and accessories kit to assist in the clean up and restoration of your newly purchased and then damaged items. For those who decide to purchase a paint repair kit without insuring the item do so at their own risk and understand that they will not receive a replacement kit without purchasing an insurance policy for that kit.
In the case where you receive a paint pen in a paint kit and that for one reason or another the color is not what you ordered, you will required to send the one color pen back to us here at home of Cartouchuppaint at your cost. This item is not covered by our transit posted and damaged insurance policy. We carry a paint repair kit uninsured insurance policy. If a person or entity makes a purchase without insuring items obtained and the item is lost or damaged in transit, you may purchase a uninsured paint repair kit insurance policy at a cost of $6.00 per touch up paint product item in the kit from the original purchase order if any. Postage & insurance is added to the uninsured claim item when a uninsured insurance policy is applied. (accessories in the kit are excluded from cost and are free in this policy).

Insurance Tip of the Day: We recommend you insure your touch up paint products as we cannot promise safe delivery as just standard shipping procedures are used and are beyond our control. Our trading statistics show that 1 in 20 items are damaged/lost or incorrect shipping details are supplied as a result of transit & human error.

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