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Paint For My Car

Car touch up paints carries the largest range of D.I.Y Car Paints. The O.E.M manufacturer is Axalta Group Of Companies of which supply paints to the leading car manufacturers in the world today. We supply Cromax Paints (formerly DUPONT Paints) & Standox Paints. You may choose to purchase any of the auto paint products in pen, bottle, aerosol, spray paint, cans, brushes, kits when doing D.I.Y car paint repairs.


paint for my car - Touch Up Paints


Paint For Your Car?

We Can supply the following automotive paint types in factory formulations


Acrylic Lacquer Paints

 Acrylic Urethane Paints

 Single Pack Enamel Paints

 Poly Urethane Paints

Two Pack Paints

 Vinyl Paints.


We Supply paints in any quality formula you wish for.


standox paint products


Further to our product range we also stock and supply DULUX Automotive paints in pen, bottle, aerosol, kit, can and more.

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