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How To Repair car Scratches Easily In Just A couple of steps

How To Repair Scratches, Paint Chips, Scrapes & Blemishes Using Automotive Touch Up Paint


How To Repair Paint Scratches Correctly

Here in this how to Repair Work Shop Manual: will find all the requirements to help solve and resolve All your paint problems using famous professional & practical information that gives you expert advice on auto paint body repairs, products, procedures & services.

We stock over 350,000 automotive paint factory O.E.M genuine color codes: for vehicles and other items that you may have that need paint and body repairs. We sell including all 2 pack enamel, poly and acrylic urethane, 1 pack enamel, acrylic Lacquer in the following paint formulations: metallic 2k clear over base (2k/cob), non metallic solid (2k) and tri-coat 2k clear over base over base(2k/cob/ob). The following products are also supplied by us in kits, metal & plastic primer adhesion promoter, anti corrosion rust inhibitor, clear gloss, matte satin, gloss finish black, under body sound sealer & much more.

We have qualified technicians: that can give you expert advice on how to use your paint kit products on your cars and any other items you may want to touch up.

We custom fill color: or factory paint color into our kits while you wait.

Get exceptional quality repairs: using our paint kit products along with the mastered step by step user instructions.

How To Repair Damaged Paint On Your Car Body?

Please use these link here to see precisely how to remove each from your vehicles & other painted items, paint scratches, stone chips, swirl marks, scrapes and other types of paint damage using pen, bottle, aerosol, kits, spray guns, accessories.

Fixing Bumper Bars On Your Car?

Here are Just a couple of the pro grade bumper bar touch up paint scratch kits that remove some scratches totally and camouflages others quite neatly.

How To Find Your Paint Code Locations:

Here you can find your paint code on your car then follow on through to obtain your paint repair products. Note You must have your car paint color code to be able to buy paint products. Paint Code Locations

Find Your Paint Color Code Location

Here you can select your paint code to obtain your paint kits products. Get Your color code using your V.I.N number on your registration papers. Contact My Car Dealer Now

How To Repair Car Paint Scratches Correctly?